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To be released on February 6, 2020.

Schwermut EP

3 track CD in 4-page digi-sleeve & digital.

Longest running German female Black Metal drummer Astrega is back with a new band.
First release of this German Black Metal-Duo raising out of the middle of nowhere spreading melancholy, darkness and despair.
Featuring ex-Cerberus, Ex-Urforst and Babylon Asleep members.

To be released on January 24, 2020.

Nauthik "Araganu"

8-page Digipack, Limited Edition Box & Digital.

A slow-moving musical maelstrom of heavy fuzz-guitars, groove and the beautiful melody of negativity.
German Funeral Doom with lyrics inspired by traditional Sardinian Chant „Procurade é moderare“ originally written by Francesco Ignazio Mannu in 1794.
A furious anti-feudal statement against oppression, against despotism and egoism.

To be released on December 13, 2019.

Wacht "La mort"

6-page Digipack, Limited Edition Box & Digital.

Wacht “La mort” - Rhaeto-Romance Piano Music.
Dark soundscapes crossing the boundaries of Black Metal.
Songs about death, sung in a dying language.

Wacht “La mort” – Chanzuns rumantschas da piano.
Suns s-chürs chi traversan ils cunfins dal Black Metal.
Chantà in üna lingua destinada a la mort.

To be released on November 8, 2019.

EVANGELION "Sacro Macello"

3 track CD EP and digital.

Swiss Black Metal.
Be prepared for a full old-school dose of Melodic Black Metal in the vein of DISSECTION and UNANIMATED!

The “Sacro Macello“ EP is the first part of a conceptual work about the 30-year war and its impact on Switzerland and in particular the region of the „three frets“. The three songs deal with the decisive event of 1620 and how a theologian became a vengeful military warlord.
HERETICS! Prepare your black candles for an Epical Doomed mass!

In darkness we feel alright....
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